When NOT to use stock photography.

Stock photography can be a great way to add a little extra something to a blog post, social media post, or maybe your next leaflet / flyer. Even though I’m a professional, full-time photographer, even I use the occasional piece of stock photography. After all, I don’t happen to get to the beach, top of […]

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Animated Explainer Video
Animated explainer video

Animated Explainer Video We produced this video for Profit Guide Accountants in Essex. They wanted a way to introduce their company that allayed some of the stereotypes about accountants and how they can be boring. It was really important that they target small businesses and address some of their pain points, the fact that doing […]

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Why you CAN’T just ‘use images from Google’

Just because it’s ‘On the internet’ does NOT mean it’s free and you can do whatever you want with it! For a few years now, things on the internet have been a little ‘Wild West’ but trust me, that’s about to change! I really don’t want to get into a HUGE and in-depth discussion about […]

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Best free stock photo sites 2020

Now before we get started, it really is a great idea to build your own selection of images, your own little image library that you can use for all of your blog posts, twitter, facebook leaflets and all the other aspects of your business where you need a ‘perfect’ photograph. Sometimes though, you just don’t […]

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Sunset at a corporate event

If I could and if more people shared my passion, I’d love to spend my whole life just photographing gorgeous skies. This image was shot at a corporate event I covered last week. There’s something about the gorgeous colours and the way the clouds are lit from behind during a sunset that I just love. […]

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Pow Wow social commercial photography at Aynho Grounds

I was recently asked to photograph a commercial social event at Aynho Grounds by the wonderful Max of www.newtradition.co.uk a local independent branding agency. The brief was simple: “Please come along to our social event and capture people having a good time.” As you can see, it was a great evening and everyone had an […]

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