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As discussed, your iPhone is probably better than most dSLR’s you can buy for vlogging.

iPhones are designed to give you the very best quality straight out of the bag, whereas dSLR’s are made with the understanding that you’re going to take the footage and then edit and post process it.

There are a few problems though and these are sound, storage and stabilisaition.

Thankfully, there’s a solution for each of these 🙂

1.) Improving sound quality

Rode Mic for iPhones

The built in mic on ALL iPhones are a bit … not good.

This will allow you to get a much better quality audio when you record. There is an additional app to download, so you can adjust audio levels to suit.

It even comes with a dead cat for windy days 🙂

2.) Storage

Sandisk 128gb flash drive for iPhone

Probably THE most annoying thing about shooting footage with the iPhone is a LACK of changeable media.

This will quickly and easily allow you to backup your footage and it gives you the option to delete the footage off of the phone, once it’s copied over.

3 of these SHOULD be plenty, unless you go mad shooting!

3.) Stability

Moza Mini S

This is probably THE most important thing, that I would say you MUST buy. Using a gimbal will elevate the quality of your footage from amateur to looking seriously good!

4.) Have you thought about POWER?

Large power bank

power is going to be a bit of a headache for you! Sometimes I run out of charge just using my phone on a normal day. If you’re filming/photographing with your phone it is going to DRAIN power.

Using power banks is an absolute must, if you’re going to be shooting with your phone.

5.) And finally…

4x USB international travel adapter

Once again, charging this lot, the phone, the batteries and the gimbal can be a bit of a challenge.

Using a 4x USB charger will help you get everything charged at once 🙂

I would also take spare cables for everything!

Hopefully that will be all you need! I have the mic, the usb drive and the gimbal and you’d be welcome to have a go before you buy / leave!

I would say that it is really, really important to buy everything you need BEFORE you leave and make sure it all works properly and you feel comfortable using it 🙂

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